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History and Culture

Shaolin Kung Fu refers to the Songshan Shaolin Temple Buddhist culture in this particular environment and the history of the formation of this unique faith-based and martial arts system. It is a traditional cultural system that fully embodies the wisdom of Chan (Zen) Buddhism and relies on the Shaolin Temple martial monks to continue and preserve its wisdom and tradition.

Shaolin Kung Fu is a complete technical and theoretical system in which martial arts techniques and the forms of martial art routines have been combined with the practice and wisdom of Chan (Zen) Buddhism. This combination creates a unique faith and culture.

Shaolin Kung Fu, in reality, is a meditation practice used to determine the state of affairs lying beneath the surface of a human being. It is a way to observe the universal wisdom or intelligence that lies beneath the patterns of movement of the human body. Chan Buddhism deals with the true nature of humankind. The true nature lying beneath the mind’s reality. Shaolin Kung Fu practice is believed to have given birth to the Chan sect within Buddhism and the Shaolin Temple is known as the place where many of Chan Buddhism’s ancestors fully developed this line of thought.
Therefore, Kung Fu is brimming with the possibility of experiencing the light of illumination and enlightment promised by following the Buddha’s way. Its defining characteristic being the unity of Chan with the physicality of martial arts.


The Shaolin Temple


The Songshan (Song Mountain) Shaolin Temple is the first and original Shaolin Temple. It is located in China, in the province of Henan, near Dengfeng city. The Temple is located slightly NW of Song Mountain in a dense forest. The name of the Shaolin Temple is derived from its location in this dense forest.