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Sifu Michael Zdeb



Sifu Michael Zdeb started martial arts as a teen, motivated by a desire for self-defense. He studied Karate on and off through high school and college, enjoying how martial arts training made him feel connected and energized in a unique way.


As an adult with a busy law career and family life, he turned to long distance running for exercise and personal challenge. After years of recreational running, competitive marathons and wear and tear on the body, Sifu Mike still felt there was more to developing complete wellness. He thought back to the martial arts he did when he was younger and felt the urge to pursue it again.


He researched online as to what style to explore at this point in his life. He kept coming back to Kung Fu because of its well-rounded curriculum and holistic approach to a balanced wellness.


In 2012 he started his training at HealthKick. His passion for martial arts was rekindled and, with the support of the community at the school, he earned a Black Sash in Shaolin Long Fist in April 2017.