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Grandmaster Chi Yuan “John” Tsai


HealthKick is part of the Tsai Shaolin Quan Fa System founded by Grandmaster Chi Yuan “John” Tsai.

Chi Yuan “John” Tsai began the practice of southern Shaolin martial arts at the age of seven under the disciplined training of his great uncle, Si Chun San. He has devoted 60 years of study and life focus to martial art and Shaolin Mei Hua.

Grandmaster Tsai moved to Chicago from Taiwan in the early 60s and settled in Chicago’s Chinatown. Shortly thereafter he opened his first Kung Fu school.

Over the years, one school led to several across Chicago and the Midwest. Since the first school’s opening, Grandmaster Tsai trained many of the top fighters not only in the Midwest, but from across the United States. He has trained Olympic Gold Medalist Arlene Limas, and National Champions Kaimin “Kenny” Tsai and Waysun “Johnny” Tsai, Grandmaster’s two sons. The long list of Masters who have passed through the Tsai family schools include Master Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Frank LeBron, Steve Abbate, Kevin Grissom, Mike Locanti, Fred Miller, John Springer, Charlie Webb and Glenn Wilson.

Chicago Sun Times applauded him as teacher of teachers and Inside Kung Fu National Magazine praised him as coach of champions.

Grandmaster Tsai has honorably carried on the family tradition and shared his knowledge and techniques with his American students who have achieved national and international tournament championships. Hundreds of his students became teachers and masters.

Tsai’s legacy and teachings have been carried on through his hundreds of Black Sash students who continue to spread the Shaolin spirit throughout the United States.