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Adult & Teen Curriculum

Adults & Teens are attracted to Shaolin Kung Fu for a number of reasons.
It provides a rigorous, demanding workout based on optimal functionality of the body. You will learn how to use this increased vitality and physical fitness to defend yourself if needed.
Kung Fu also trains the mind. When the mind is stilled, stress is reduced.
For successful adults, martial arts training reflects a person’s ability to use discipline, goal-setting and dogged perseverance when facing both professional, educational, and personal challenges. Teens learn how to use these traits as they begin to go out into the world.
Most importantly, Shaolin Kung Fu training is a way for a person to realize his or her fullest potential by integrating mind, body and spirit. All that is required is a desire to work hard, as we do create an invigorating environment where each person is challenged according to his or her abilities.
Traditionally Shaolin Kung Fu does not adhere to a sash or belt ranking system, but at HealthKick Kung Fu we do use one. We have found through experience that a ranking system helps adults and teens challenge themselves and gauge their progress as they move toward attaining their personal goals.
If a person so desires, they can work toward the attainment of a certified Black Sash in Shaolin Kung Fu



Raj Desai

Adrienne Ciancetta 



Pablo Saban

Lindsey Serrate

Adrienne Ciancetta

Stephen Dale 

Brandon Kennedy 



Devin Luera – Junior Adult

Aaron Rothman – 6th Degree Junior

Daniel Armendariz – 6th Degree Junior

Bridget Keeney – 3rd Degree Junior 

Max Koenisberg – 3rd Degree Junior 

Arman Zarei – 1st Degree Junior