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Sifu Adrienne Ciancetta




Sifu Adrienne, a 2nd degree Black Sash, started studying martial arts at HealthKick Kung Fu in 2004. She began under our original founder, Master Daniel J. Lee. Her training has included a study trip to the original Shaolin Temple in Henan, China under Shaolin master Shi Yanju and self-defense intensives with 8th degree Shaolin Chuan Fa master, Waysun “Johnny” Tsai.

Having no prior background in martial arts, Sifu Adrienne started her practice with the intention of getting a great workout and learning some self-defense. During this journey, she has learned that Kung Fu offers so much more. She has come to appreciate the discipline, patience, respect and perseverance that traditional martial arts develops in an individual.
In her own words, “As someone new to martial arts when I started, I can understand why some people feel intimidated by the practice or uncomfortable just walking in to a martial arts school. I encourage everyone to give Kung Fu a try. I have found it to be a unique merging of learning, fitness and fun!”
Sifu Adrienne plans to fine-tune her teaching skills over the next few years so she may also pass on the many benefits and challenges Shaolin Kung Fu has to offer. She looks forward to getting to know the many students who come from all cultures, walks of life, and professions to share in the art and love of Shaolin Kung Fu.


In 2017, Sifu Adrienne became part-owner of Energy Fitness, Inc. the parent company of HealthKick Kung Fu.