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Summer Camp Reviews

Posted on: January 16th, 2017 by Paula Lazarz

“Our experience with Healthkick Kung Fu summer camp was both positive and rewarding. Our boys really, really enjoyed themselves.  Our sons (ages 10 and 7) were enrolled in the Half-Day camp. The camp met outdoors in Lincoln Park near North Ave, MondayFriday from 9-12. Given the relatively short Chicago summer season, we appreciated the plan for students to spend the day outdoors all morning, weather permitting.  If the forecast called for inclement weather, Sifu Paula and her staff were prompt communicators regarding meet-up location (on rainy days, they met at the studio). They also gave us reminders when the camp would head to North Ave. beach to swim.


Sifu and her staff have a routine in place for the campers! Our boys spent the morning practicing drills, forms, and sparring outdoors near the zoo, beach, and park! This crew definitely draws attention, lots of oooh’s and aaah’s, from other camp groups when they practice! We have one son who is athletic and one who needs some nudging when it comes to physical activities; I mention this because Sifu Paula and her staff worked with their dispositions so well, in such a respectful manner,  building their physical strength, stamina, and determination, all while getting them all to work together among the different ages.


They also play, snack, and talk easily between different age groups. Their Kung Fu practice improved by leaps by the end of camp.  And they slept like rocks M-F from the workouts!  But for us, one of the best aspects was the mentoring that took place by the older students, which taught them to work together and build friendships across the age span.  My boys felt so accomplished by the end of camp! They earned and graduated a sash level while having lots of fun outdoors in Chicago. More importantly, they exuded a certitude, an ease, and a strength of spirit. They felt like warriors- they were warriors!   We will be enrolling them again this summer and can’t recommend the camp more enthusiastically!”


-Grace Palacio


“There are many options during the summer months for our children to enjoy a well deserved break from a  hectic school year. Activities such as  coding camp, sports camps or theaters, the city offers many options.  Their favorite anchor camp is partaking in the Summer Kung Fu Camp at HealthKick Kung Fu. Both of my kids have participating consistently  for the past few years. What we love about the camp is that you can either be true kungu warriors and join the entire session, or you can join in when as it make sense for the rest  of your schedule. Either way, Aiden and Sonya will not miss it. They  both treasure having a blast exploring the city while advancing their kungfu skills.  As a mother, I am pleased that they are leveraging the outdoor space, working on both their minds and body in a very safe and fun environment.”


-Min (Lisa) Hu


“Sifu Paula and HealthKick Kung Fu have been so much more than just serious martial arts instructors to my 10 year old son, who is currently a devoted brown sash working diligently toward his black sash.  She and her colleagues have taught him to be disciplined, respectful, strong, kind, and mindful.  Signing him up for both year-round lessons and summer camp (a Kung Fu intensive – awesome for summer!) have had a hugely positive impact on him in countless ways.  I wholeheartedly recommend HealthKick!”


-Alexandra Laris


“My son has been going to HealthKick Kung Fu camp with Sifu Paula and her team for the past 2 years.  

What started out as a one week ‘let’s see if you like it’ trial turned into an absolute obsession for my son.  He came home energized, excited, (and exhausted!), from the various day’s activities which include not only Kung fu (in Lincoln Park and North Avenue beach), swimming, learning more about the history of Kung Fu,  but also learning life skills like first aid and cleaning.   

He was 6 when he started Camp, and he loved the mixed age group, especially learning from the older kids who took him under his wing.  The staff, it goes without saying, is exceptional: not only are they experts in their craft, but they are incredible teachers and mentors, lively, fun, and captivating.  


This will be our third year of Kung Fu Camp, and my now 8 year old has asked if he can do it for the whole summer!  I can’t say enough good things about the quality of this camp and how much I have seen my son grow and learn from the amazing experience. “


– Rebecca Kempton