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New Promotion Requirements For Higher Ranks

Posted on: October 7th, 2016 by Paula Lazarz

In addition to class attendance, help with instructing, and specifics for each test,
RED, BROWN & BLACK SASH children & teens will be required
to help with Sash Testing for those underneath them.


Must sit on the following panels to be promoted to the next Sash level:


If they are RED SASH – 2 Testing Panels
If they are BROWN SASH – 3 Testing Panels
If they are BLACK SASH EAGLE – 5 Testing Panels


If they are BLACK SASH TEENS – 5 Testing Days For Lower Ranks
They must observe testing days before age 15
They must run tests after age 15


Giving back to the community and encouraging those who come up behind you are important components of martial arts training. 

We want to make sure our students understand this very important aspect, not only for their martial arts,
but for whatever they decide to do in their lives.