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When To Test??

Posted on: December 22nd, 2015 by Paula Lazarz

When To Test??
How do we determine when to test a student? There are three factors we consider in this order: Time, Improvement, and Curriculum.
It is our intention to test ranks from White-to-Purple every six months. For students who attend class 3-5X per week, it might be every 4 months. If a student attends class 1-2X per week, it might be 6-8 months. It is important that each students builds confidence while feeling they are progressing toward their goal.
Children are unique in their abilities. Where was the student when they walked through the door and where are they at now? There is a set curriculum we teach at every level. Students perform the curriculum in light of their ability to grasp it. Most importantly, we want to see improvement in coordination, stamina, dexterity and physical vitality. Is the student growing in understanding of the why behind what they are doing?
The curriculum helps to create unity in the activity at every sash level. If students are taught different curriculum based on individual abilities, they may feel they are being singled out for their ability, either pro or con. At the beginner-to-intermediate level we want to create an atmosphere of shared endeavor and camaraderie.
The student shines when they accomplish the curriculum according to their own individual improvement.
The idea that we as a group are helping each individual achieve their personal best is consistently reinforced from the first time the student enters the school.